Simple Bathtub

Simple bathtub definition:

Simple bathtub is a traditional regular bathtub, as its named describes, simple bathtub has no skirts and aprons and just need to installed on an frame or floor. A simple bathtub can do the trick of relieving all physical tensions and aches, further more, simple bathtub is regarded as the most cheap bathtub around the market.


Simple bathtub material:

Simple bathtub is made of sanitary acrylic sheets and reinforced by fiberglasses, resin and wooden bottom, so, it is strong enough for many years bathing. Acrylic sheet is a kind of material to be easily moldable and it is rich of colors, as a result, simple bathtub could be made into different sizes, styles and colors.

Simple bathtub feature:

Simple bathtub is a very economical bathtub as it is usually big quantity manufactured and sold for hotels and houses projects. Most simple bathtubs are rectangular shaped, while round, oval and irregular shapes are also available. Simple bathtub is easily to clean and maintain, only household dish detergent and warm water can make it always brand new.