Shower Enclosures

Shower Cabins

Shower cabins are self-contained shower enclosures with added extras for complete luxurious and invigorating experiences. The benefits of a shower cabin is no tiling required, the shower cabin often includes a fantastic variety of features such as the fixed shower head, massage jets, and monsoon handset, all of them usually need to be purchased separately with a shower enclosure.

Shower cabins offer a great space solution if the bathrooms have limited areas. Shower cabins comes in a great range of shapes and sizes such as quadrant shower cabin, square shower cabin, rectangular shower cabin from 800mm, 900mm to 1200mm dimensions. GreenGoods produce all the shower cabins with strict technologies so you can be sure your shower cabin will last well into the future.

Shower cabins create the ambience of a wet room with their sleek design. Installing a shower cabin in the bathroom could turn a simple shower into a luxury bathroom atmosphere. Shower cabins are leak free and easy to maintain, as a result, they are one of latest trends as well as bathtubs in the recent bathroom design.