Massage Bathtub | Hydromassage Bathtub

In 1968, Jacuzzi introduced its first residential massage bathtub, from then, it become more and more popular among the world market. How does a massage work? It’s a soaker bathtub equipped with piping, an electric pump and water jets. The pump circulates the water through the pipes by the underwater suction element and several water jets.


After a hustle bustle of daily schedule, enjoy a relaxing massage under the water would be the most welcome thing. It can not only soothe the aching muscles but also relax the entire body. Massage bathtub is complete therapy for both mind and body. Nothing can prevent you to be rejuvenating and refreshing after that.

Couples, who like romantic atmosphere, listen the music, smell the rose scent and enjoy the massage and therapy with the water circulation of the hydromassage. That is all there is in living.