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Air Bath Vs Whirlpool

Air Bath Vs Whirlpool

There are two types of therapy tubs from GreenGoods Bath factory, one is called Air Bath, and the other is named Whirlpool Bath. Both of the tubs provide jet massages to the bathers, they are built similarly: air bath consists of an air injector, pipes and air apertures; whirlpool bath consists of a pump, water lines and jet apertures. There doesn’t seem to be much difference between them. Here we analyze their four important variances to help you make a great option for your bathroom projects.

1. Massage types

Air bath provides a non-aggressive soft tissue massage with lower pressure.

Whirlpool bath provides an aggressive deep tissue and joint massage with high pressure.

air bath vs whirlpool

2. Benefits

Air bath provides a soothing and lighter massage just to have a relaxing feeling and relieves stress. Air bath is good at soothing the body, boosting cardiac output, opening pores and improving circulation.

Whirlpool bath provides a vigorous vibrating massage that with help ease body pain. Whirlpool bath is good at easing muscle sprains, damaged joints, back problems and aches.

3. Working types

Air bath works millions of heated air bubbles bounce and bursts to massage every part of body simultaneously and gently. It only moves air.

Whirlpool bath moves water through the plumbing. It works on the forceful movement of air and water through jets.

4. Retaining heat

Air bath heats the delivered air, when air moving through water will dissipate heat from the water, so the air bathtub will cool down very fast.

Whirlpool bath with a heating element option actually reheats the bath water and can keep it hot for longer time.