Freestanding Baths & Bathtubs | Free Standing Tub

Freestanding bathtubs are much like clawfoot tubs, but have less of the antique look that the elegant legs add to clawfoot tubs. Freestanding bathtub is meant to be proudly displayed rather than crowded in a corner area and add luxury character to your bathroom.


Free standing baths are perfect for soaking because of the deep bathing areas. Freestanding baths can be installed away from the wall, or even in the middle of a bathroom. Freestanding bath is especially good for large bathrooms where you do not want to install the tub against the wall and have the space to let it stand wherever you want. Free standing bath comes in many styles and shapes and require much less installation problems as it can be positioned and installed wherever you like.

Freestanding tubs are designed to stand directly on the floor of the bathroom and do not require 3 walls for installation like drop in tubs. Freestanding tub usually adds a beautiful and modern design to the bathroom, for the ultimate in soaking desire, choosing a free standing tub for your master bathroom is a smart decision.

Freestanding bathtubs manufactured by GreenGoods bath factory are available in oval and rectangular shapes, free standing tubs from us will create a dramatic look in your bathroom sure to be the envy of all your guests.

In order to match these beautifully designed freestanding bathtubs, we offer wall mounted, floor mounted and deck mounted tub fillers to satisfy your different tastes. Please refer to the bathtub faucet pages.