Jetted Tub

Jetted tub actually has water and air jets in the tub that circulate the water to give soothing massage while bathe in the warm water. It’s the only tub that could provide the soothing relaxation. Of course, this kind of bathtub is generally a bit more expensive than other type’s bathtubs, it will add more pleasure and relaxation to the daily life without question.


Light the candle, turn on the music, then lie down in the jetted tub and let the water touch the skin, what a fantastic enjoying of life!

The benefits of jetted tubs are as follows:

a. They relief weariness, prevent tenseness in muscles and alleviate body aches.

b. They reduce stress by releasing endorphins in the body and get rid of harmful toxins from the body.

c. They are helpful in soothing muscles ache, back pain, arthritis, and repair injuries.

d. They promote metabolism rate and encourage weight loss.