Drop in Tub

Drop in tub hasn’t skirt, apron or outside on it, it is one of the most popular bathtub designs adorning modern bathroom. Drop in tub is designed to be dropped into an existing frames, either into a platform or into the floor. Thus, the bathtub’s outer profile is hidden leaving only the rim of the tub exposed.

  • Drop in tub shape: Drop in tubs are available in a variety of shapes such as oval, circular, rectangular and square, among which the rectangular and oval drop in tubs are common. Of course, if you wish to place the tub in your bathroom corner, you could opt for a quadrant drop in bath tub. Drop in bathtubs come in a range of colors, GreenGoods opts for neutral colors like white and cream for drop in baths.
  • Drop in tub installation: Drop in bath tubs are perfectly suited to spacious bathrooms as they require considerable space. A spacious and roomy bathroom is just ideal for a drop in bath sunk into the floor. For medium size bathroom, building a platform to fit in the bathtub drop in. If space is limited of a small bathroom, you can create an alcove and place the drop in tub in the recess.
  • Drop in tub material: Drop in bathtub is made of quality acrylic sheets and reinforced by fiberglasses resins, so, drop in tub is strong enough for long time using. Because acrylic sheet is a kind of material to be easily moldable, it also has the advantage to be produced in many different shapes and sizes.
  • Drop in tub pros and cons: Drop in tub is easily to clean, it could conceal the plumbing and make the bathroom a clean and tidy appearance and looking. Drop in bathtub allows us to sit or lie comfortably while bathe.
  • Drop in bathtub built into the floor or platform allows you to place your feet in warm water and relax completely.

    Drop in bath is a built-in bathroom tub which is difficult to be replaced or move. So, you should keep long-term usage in mind while choosing a drop in bathtub.

    The installation of drop in tub is more complex and takes more time and energy than a freestanding bath tub.