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With the improved economic situation in Russia, the demands of Russian construction materials is growing rapidly. The beltway around Moscow city rises a large number of tall building. At present, the real estate business has become a hot rich industry in Russia.

According to reports, the recently two years industrial and commercial construction areas of Russia are about the sum constraction areas of 10 years ago. Real estate development requires a lot of building and decorating materials. Chinese products are always very popular in Russia market, especially the bathtubs, such as acrylic bathtub, cast iron bathtub and steel bathtub.

There are many acrylic bathtub manufacturers in Russia, they are: Bath Acrylic System, Радомир, Акрилан, Ланивер, Акватика, Aessel, Doctor Jet, Тритон, Aquaform, Аква and Термолюкс etc. However all these inland bathtubs only occupy 20% of the overall bathtub market, there are also 3% from joint venture plants, the largest part of 77% are still imported, mainly from China, Germany, France, Spain, Italy and some other countries. Bathtubs from China because of their high quality and affordable prices are always very popular and welcomed in Russia.

In the bathtub market of Russia, cast iron bathtub shares 46%, acrylic bathtub shares 33%, and steel bathtub shares 21%. According to export analysis, the need of acrylic bathtub is increasing and 45% of these bathtubs are sold to Moscow Region.

Russia bathtub, drop in tub

Russia Bathtub: drop in whirlpool bathtub

Russia bathtub, whirlpool tub

Russia Bathtub: drop in whirlpool bathtub with wooden skirt

Russia bathtub, apron tub

Russia Bathtub: apron bathtub with two skirts