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Home Spa and Jacuzzi Bath

Home Spa and Jacuzzi Bath

Home spa includes tub, skirt, shower head, switch, nozzles, water light and pillows, sometimes, it can installed with a small TV set with radio and music function. Home spa is very convenient and good at massage and air function, it is very suitable for bathrooms of families, beauty salons and hotels. In general, people purchase jacuzzi bath from bath equipment stores, no one looks for them from electronic shops. In fact, Home spa is totally different from ordinary bathtub, its actually a kind of household appliance, a luxury of electrical equipment. Jacuzzi bath is mainly composed of two parts, tub and massage system. The tub is usually of various shapes of bathtub and its material is often acrylic, while massage system includes the visible sprays, nozzles and the invisible pipes, motors, control boxes and other components which usually installed at the back side of the bathtub.

Work principle

Home spa works through motor which makes the nozzles spray water mixed with air, causing the water cycle, in this way, it produces massage function to human body. We just need to fill in enough water into the jacuzzi bath, and turn on the switch, it can operate self-sufficiently. There is a suction port at the bottom of the massage bathtub, water is sucked into the motor from here and flow back to bathtub from the nozzles which are installed on both sides of the bathtub.

Bath Therapy

1. Fitness treatment effects: drink a cup of water of room temperature to help clean the body circulation system. Make the water temperature about 34 ° C and fill into the jacuzzi bath, start hydro massage system, run for 10 minutes, during this time, the massage water flow can relieve the nervous tension from the skin surface. Then take a shower with about 20 ° C water by this order: from left foot to hip, from right foot to hip, from left hand to shoulder, from right hand to shoulder, put the hand shower on abdomen, then put it on the back. At last, wipe away the water and lie on bed.

2. Ease pressure effects: fill in 36 ° C water to the tub, you can add some aromatherapy oils into the water to enhance massage effects. Start air massage system for 3 minutes, the bubbles can relax the muscle tissue and increase skin elasticity. Then start both air and hydro massage system for 10 minutes, the water can relieve the nervous and accelerate the blood circulation. Repeat the above step for 5 minutes to increase the relaxation effect. Finally, it is recommended to drink a cup of water of room temperature, lying in bed and stretch the body at largest degree.

Both of the bath therapies can be done 2 to 3 times a week. Work pressure is so heavy under the rapidly economy development condition, frequently use home spa and jacuzzi bath at home to relieve stress and enhance physical fitness is an economical and effective option.

home spa and jacuzzi bath

Home spa and jacuzzi bath